Our Views: Hot or Not

HOT: Football ranks

After beating Clemson last Saturday, Tech has become a legitimate contender for the ACC, greatly exceeding the shoddy expectations based on last year’s performance of a 7-6 overall record. Tech is now ranked lucky number 18 in the first Bowl Championship Series of the season, becoming the highest ranked team in the ACC just in time for a happy Homecoming.

NOT: Funding falls

The economic crisis continues to rear its head into all parts of the country, including Tech. The Institute has expressed concern over the possibility that donors will make fewer, smaller gifts at the same time when the library faced losing some of its online journals. A drop in fundrasing could mean a return to doing research the old-fashioned way for students.

HOT: Publications print

Tech has been flooded with newly printed publications recently. New ones, like T-Book, a collection of Tech traditions, and Firewall, the CoC’s new newsletter, join more familiar publications like the North Avenue Review and the Blueprint. It’s good to know engineers can also be creative.

NOT: Recycling trashed

Tech recently cut the recycling program at the Graduate Living Center, sending an email that explained that students trying to recycle cardboard were abusing the service. If too much recycling was the problem, Housing should have let students know before trashing the program.