Our Views: HOT-or-NOT

HOT: Searching students

Darryl Richard, defensive tackle for the Yellow Jackets and the only student on the presidential search committee, has tried to get student input by attending meetings of various organizations. He recently met with the Ramblin’ Wreck Club, where he spoke of the committee’s approach to the search and asked for students’ opinions to take back. These laudable efforts help combat students’ current silence.

NOT: Campus apathy

Interim president Gary Schuster held this year’s State of the Institute Address to a small crowd of under 50. This number pales in comparison to last year’s attendance, which was more than double. While the event’s new location in Tech Square may have kept some from attending, the Tech community should show more interest in the direction that the Institute is taking in a time of changing leadership.

HOT: Green report card

Tech’s grade on the 2009 College Sustainability Report Card went up one letter grade from last year to a B, adding a gold star to one of the Institute’s growing trademarks. Over 26 sustainable buildings and an 11 percent fall in energy use from last year add up to the improved grade.

NOT: Ongoing vandalism

The Buzz Around Campus statues have continued to be vandalized over the past week, with more antennas, ties and other decorations being ripped off, further frustrating student organizations who invested their time and money in starting a new tradition that would benefit the Tech community.