Your Views: Letter to the Editor

Finances outdo prestige

This past week, I saw student campaign workers for Barack Hussein Obama registering students to vote. Before any student thinks about filling out one of those forms, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

First off, you may not under any circumstances fill out a voter registration form if you are not a U.S. Citizen. Secondly, by filling out a voter registration form, you are trusting that that individual walking around is actually going to turn those forms into the government. In this age of rampant identity theft, don’t trust anyone standing on the street corner handing out pieces of paper asking for your social security number. Risking identity theft is not worth it.

Filling out a voter registration form is a statement that you are a “permanent” resident of Georgia. It also means that you need to surrender your old driver’s license and get a Georgia drivers license. Finally, it means that you must register your car in Georgia and get Georgia license plates.

For most students, you do not want to do this as you go home to your parent’s place of residence for the summer semesters, when you are not in school. Your parent’s place of residence is still your permanent residence.

By filling out a voter registration form for Georgia, you are now eligible for jury duty here in Atlanta. And unlike before, you can’t [get out of it] since Georgia Tech is in Atlanta.

Please, do register to vote. All I am saying is: do it in your home state, download the form off the internet, and mail the form directly to the government voter registration office.

Mark Hopke

Grad ME

By dismissing the College Republicans’ literature on affirmative action in law schools, Bjorn Cole makes it clear that he does not know what he is talking about.

The literature is that of Dr. Richard Sander, a UCLA law professor. He has uncovered the following: black law students are nearly 2.5 times as likely as white law students to not graduate from law school, four times as likely to fail the bar on their first attempt, and six times as likely to never pass the bar. Sander has received much criticism, but none of his critics have denied these truths.

The tolerance that Cole ostensibly supports cannot be achieved if we selectively pick and choose the facts that support our beliefs.

Alex Young

Second-year MGT

Affordable healthcare

My first week at Tech in Fall 2005 was not only filled with excitement, but also with horrible sickness. I had depleted all my over-the-counter medicines and I knew I had to make an appointment with the health center.

I called to make an appointment and just two days later, earlier than it would have been anywhere else, I was called in to see a doctor. The doctor performed a thorough exam and recognized my symptoms right away. He diagnosed me with a severe allergy infection and gave me three different medications to take and in a day I already felt a night and day difference.

Since then I have gone at least once every semester and have had nothing but positive experiences. The doctors are very experienced and usually detect what I have right away. Even when I am at home I wait to use the health center because not only is it free, but it’s a state of the art facility that really concentrates its efforts to helping the students.

Andrea Preininger

Fourth-year STAC