Our Views: Hot or Not

Economics expansion

Tech’s School of Economics obtained approval to create a new economics Ph.D. program, making a significant addition to the Ivan Allen College’s offerings. In the long term, the benefits of new research and resources will also trickle down to undergraduate economics students. This success, which culminates eight years of planning, shows the different side of Tech that keeps growing.

Rash of robberies

A string of armed robberies in the last month has put the Tech community on alert. Students going out or eating at nearby restaurants, where two robberies were committed at gunpoint, are being asked to exercise caution by GTPD. Although the recently extended Stingerette service provides a means of safe transportation, the danger remains a reality as no suspects have been found.

Timely checkups

The Health Center’s new appointment scheduling system now offers students a faster, more convenient alternative. The change was made in response to student surveys and won’t require any increases in student health fees, signaling both a responsive and creative effort by Auxiliary Services.

Financial shortfalls

Following the state budget cuts, Financial Aid officials confirmed that the amount of funds available next year will not increase, even though enrollment is expected to grow. Families may feel the pinch as fewer dollars go around more students and the Guaranteed Tuition Plan is threatened.