OUR VIEWS: Hot or Not

HOT: Stingerette nights

Students who are worried about safety—or who are just experiencing a bout of laziness—can sit back and enjoy a late-night ride. Parking and Transportation just announced new hours for the Stingerette. The service will run continuously between 6 p.m. and 7 a.m., when Stinger service begins again. A safe transportation alternative is now available during all hours of the night.

NOT: Bookstore blunder

Barnes and Noble gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “overpriced textbooks” when it overcharged students for this semester’s Statics textbook. Students who made the purchase paid double for the book. Many then had to go back in person with both receipt and textbook in hand to obtain a refund, turning a mistake into an annoying hassle for those unlucky ones.

HOT: Greek addition

Alpha Phi is Tech’s newest addition to the Greek community. The new sorority’s history began as a local chapter at Tech known as Chi Omega Tau. Having one more sorority on campus provides greater variety for women at Tech and strengthens the still growing Greek community.

NOT: Petition rejection

While presidents at over 125 universities signed a petition to lower the legal drinking age to 18, six Georgia universities, including Tech, decided against supporting the movement. The debate over the change, which could decrease binge and illegal drinking, now continues without Tech’s participation.