OUR VIEWS: Hot or Not

HOT: Scoring Green

Tech was one of 11 universities to receive the top score of 99 from the Princeton Review, ranking it as one of “greenest” colleges in the country. From tray-less dining, to the Sustainable Food Project, to solid waste recycling and storm water capturing and reuse, Tech is at the forefront of environmentally sustainable technology.

NOT: Blaring Bricks

Students at the North Avenue Apartments hoping to sleep in or take their daily afternoon nap will have to suffer for the next six to eight months as the apartments undergo brick repair and replacement work. The project will correct for improper bricklaying of the 1996 building, although there are no structural issues.

HOT: Golden Alumni

Tech alumni are making waves and outrunning the competition at this year’s summer Olympics. Angelo Taylor ’98 won a gold medal in the 400-meter hurdles, making an important contribution to the United States’ growing count of gold medals.

NOT: Lost GPS Units

Twenty-six GPS units have been stolen from cars on Tech’s campus since the first of the year. Students keeping up with the latest technology should weigh the risks. While six arrests have been made, once the devices are stolen they are difficult to recover.