Our Views: Hot or Not

HOT: Tech goes to Africa

Tech started a joint masters degree program for water resource management with University of Petoria in South Africa. Graduates will receive degrees from both the University of Petoria and Tech. This program is the first joint effort of its kindabetween an American and a South African college. The program will further expand Tech’s international focus and give more students reason to go abroad.

NOT: Kissing Failure

A self-identified 20-year old Tech student posted an ad on Craigslist looking for someone to teach him to kiss, because he has yet to experience a kiss for himself. The student also cited his lack of experience as a product of playing too many video games. If Tech students ever had questions in the past as to where all the nerd stereotypes about Tech come from, we can all thank people out there like this.

HOT: DramaTech Success

DramaTech’s performance of What Happened to Mr. Sugarlumpkins? entertained audences at its opening this weekend. The play was funny and fast-paced. With this summer’s play, DramaTech has greatly added to the arts on campus, not to mention created a few nights of laughter.

NOT: Football Hero Passes

Jake Rudolph, a defensive back on the 1952 championship Tech football team recently died. He is best known for his game- saving tackle against Alabama that allowed the team to go on to win the Sugar Bowl. The Tech community regrets his passing and hopes that his memory will spark a future championship.