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In your correction on page 2 of the June, 13 2008 issue of The Technique, you write “the (Sklar v. Clough) ruling stated that case law does not support Tech’s current policy.”

That is misleading and one could say incorrect. The judge’s comment was regarding the policy in effect at the time the lawsuit was filed (March 2006). That policy was no longer in effect beginning with the 2006-2007 academic year.

In Fall 2007, SGA formally adopted a revised policy which the judge in Sklar v. Clough declined to review since he found the plaintiffs failed to demonstrate that the defendants were at fault for any potential flaws in the policy.

As an author of the policy now in place, I think it is important to point out that, after extensive consultation with the Office of Legal Affairs, SGA feels confident that the current policy does meet the appropriate legal standards.

Mitchel Keller

MATH graduate student

Graduate student body president, 2006-07

I enjoyed Vivian Fan’s column “Doomsayers spam pre-election,” (June 13, 2008), which focuses largely on rejecting a hateful and fearful email criticism of Barack Obama. While I found the article well-supported and overall on point, Fan overlooks a striking blunder the spammer makes.

She cites his closing argument “And now: for the award winning act of stupidity of all times, the people of America want to elect, to the most powerful position on the face of the planet- the presidency of the United States of America — a Muslim male male extremist between the ages of 17 and 40.”

Hmm… Not only is Barack Obama not Muslim and therefore necessarily not a Muslim extremist, he was born in August 1961, making him 47 come Election Day. How did she miss that?

Daniel Hicks

Third-year BIOL