Our Views

Two Yellow Jacket track athletes received All American honors at the NCAA Track and Field Championships last weekend. Senior James Lemons competed in the long jump and Senior Shantia Moss ran the hurdles. Both won awards and made it into the finals of their respective events. While Tech sports has had a disappointing run in the past month these Tech athletes have made us proud.

CoC Dean Richard Demillo is stepping down from his position to go back to teaching. While it is exciting that he will be teaching again, he will be greatly missed as dean. Under his direction the College of Computing came out of debt and to become as fiscally responsible as it is today. He also integrated the program with Emory’s programs and increased the department’s diversity.

Two Aerospace students interning with NASA went to DC to talk to Congressmen about funding for their programs. They hope to raise enough support from Congress to be able to sustain the space program and bring attention to the program’s current efforts. We hope their journey will lead them to success.

Smog levels have reached an all time high here in Atlanta. Recently we have been moved to code red smog alert, indicating levels unsafe for breathing. Tech students will soon have to research new ways to rid our city of deadly smog or we will simply have to learn to get along without breathing.