Our Views: HOT or NOT

HOT: Tennis champion

Women’s tennis continues its trend of success, as team member Amanda McDowell won the NCAA singles championship. She is not only the first singles champion in Tech history, but also this year’s winner of the Honda Award, which is the player of the year award for tennis. With 45 wins this season, McDowell now holds the Tech record for women’s singles tennis. Go Amanda!

NOT: Sex on the clock

In the course of their P-card audits, investigators found that a woman formerly employed in the ECE department as an administrative assistant was broadcasting sex acts via webcam while at work, using a computer in her office. It’s bad enough to buy yourself a personal laptop and a webcam with P-card money, but to use them for those purposes takes her crimes from despicable to downright disturbing.

HOT: Stadium goes solar

The solar panels that are to be put in the stadium will not only save Tech money, but will reduce carbon emissions.Normally the panels will only light the stadium at night in certain areas like along North Ave and Freshman Hill . We hope going green this July will be in place to save lots of green this upcoming football season.

NOT: UGA wins again

In their two recent baseball meetings, UGA beat Tech by a total landslide in each game. While losing to UGA is never fun, these losses are particularly biting, as UGA has been beating us all around in sports this year. Tech didn’t help themselves as they committed six errors in the championship game. Hopefully Tech triumphs soon.