OUR VIEWS: Hot or Not

HOT: Poll-free elections

Student Government Association elections are next week for both executive and legislative positions, but this year’s election ballots also contain a few even more permanent decisions for the student body. Up for vote are three amendments to the SGA constitution, and students should welcome the opportunity to help determine the policy that dictates their funds and representatives in the future.

NOT: Tornado watch

In a freak twist of fate, Atlanta was hit by a tornado over Spring break, damaging the CNN center, Tabernacle, and Omni hotel, while providing the campus alert system with yet another use, all without canceling a single class. Those of us away on vacation received seemingly random text messages warning us of our eminent danger, causing a massive tornado drill in Panama City Beach.

HOT: HD debut

The “Best Radio Station in Atlanta” celebrated its 40th birthday last week by debuting its new HD capabilities. WREK spent the day broadcasting from Skiles walkway, letting all of Atlanta hear in crystal clear detail the sounds of students trying to avoid solicitation on their way to class.

NOT: UGA wins in Atlanta

It is never good when UGA wins, especially when UGA wins at Tech, even if they are not playing Tech. Adding true insult to injury, after Atlanta was hit by a freak tornado, Tech was forced to turn over the Alexander Coliseum so that the Dawgs could defeat Arkansas after the Georgia Dome was damaged.