OUR VIEWS: Hot or Not

HOT: Library monitors

The library debuted a new computer use tracking system this past week. Students can now see online which computers are available and which are being used in the East and West Commons. Monitors have also been placed in the Library, so the time waiting in the queue no longer has the added stress of wondering if that one computer in the back is empty, or if the owner has been printing for 20 minutes.

NOT: Softball slows

The softball team continues to struggle through a depressing start to the season, falling short of the high hopes set by their prestigious No. 25 ranking at the beginning of the season. The team lost their home opener to Virginia, scoring just three runs to the Cavaliers’ ten. The loss gave the Jackets a season record of 6-14, a start that seems a far cry from their record of 54-16 at the end of last year’s season.

HOT: Alert accolades

The emergency alert system achieved another victory this week when the system for the visually impaired, known as the Wireless Emergency Communications, received accolades from the groups testing the programs. The system was deemed more effective than current methods used by the visually impaired.

NOT: CRC costs climb

The severe weather over the past week caused nearly $50,000 in damages. Not only did Alexander Coliseum leak, causing games to be rescheduled, but the Campus Recreation Center, one of Tech’s prized LEED certified buildings, suffered damage to the solar heating and electrical panels on the roof of the building.