OUR VIEWS: Hot or Not

Black history month

For the past four weeks Tech has welcomed a series of speakers and events to campus in celebration of Black History Month. The privilege of a speech by Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin on the universal nature of the civil rights movement helped to culminate the month, as Franklin reminded Tech students that not only the solutions to technological problems, but also social ones, can be found through innovation.

B.J. blows off Tech

Comedian B.J. Novak, who had previously postponed his on-campus act, announced this week that the show had been permanently canceled. Most students only found out through Facebook. The only positive side to this depressing news is that Novak canceled because he is too busy writing The Office. So, in exchange for one hour of Novak, we get a season of Pam and Jim.

Baseball beats foes

The baseball team started the spring season with an impressive five game winning streak, winning Wednesday’s game in the bottom of the tenth inning. This win continues their sixteen- game streak of victories at home that extends through last season. This weekend the Jackets face Rutgers at home.

Coliseum rain check

Ironically, the first rain to hit campus in weeks caused the rare cancellation of an indoor athletic event due to the weather. A leak in the ceiling at Alexander Coliseum dripped onto the court floor, which officials deemed hazardous to the players, resulting in a postponement of the match-up against Virginia.