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Lunar Eclipse

The last lunar eclipse until 2010 was visible over Atlanta on Wednesday, turning the moon red and turning students across campus out of their dorms at 10 P.M. to view the rare and beautiful spectacle. The eclipse could be viewed by the naked eye without any risk, but there were still many students with telescopes and binoculars out on the Campanile to aid the viewing pleasure of the general public.

Weather warning

The new weather warning system debuted, notifying campus members of the dangerous tornado and storm conditions downtown. Unfortunately, the system is sent out from a provider on the west coast, and the time stamps were never switched over to east coast time. While a minor problem, this could leave the more tech-savvy reader confused, eliminating some of the benefit of the warning system.

Wikipedia winners

Tech received unexpected press this week when the article on the Tech Tower ran as the featured article on wikipedia.org. The article, written in part by Tech students featured Tech lore and photos from around campus and was chosen for the honor based on its quality and accuracy.

String of losses

Tech varsity sports survived a disappointing week of losses, with softball, men’s tennis, and men’s and women’s basketball all coming up short against their various opponents. While all of the teams preformed well, we can only hope that next week’s match-ups will be more successful for the Jackets.