OUR VIEWS: Hot or Not


Dance all night

Dance Marathon last weekend raised over $34,000 for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The 200 people dancing for charity were part of the fifth annual marathon, which raised $15,000 more than last year’s event. The event was attended by both students and kids from children’s hospitals around Atlanta, providing an opportunity for Tech students to give not only their money, but also their time.

No B.J. for V-day

A holy day of television was declared this Wednesday when the writer’s strike ended. Unfortunately, this victory was inconveniently timed for the Tech population, as comic B.J. Novak, one of the writers for the hit NBC show “The Office”, was forced to cancel his on-campus show to attend a meeting, leaving hundreds of campus couples and singles without plans for Valentine’s Day.

Court champions

Women’s tennis won the indoor national championship this past week, defeating Northwestern and cementing their reputation as one of the strongest programs in the nation. This impressive victory marked the second year in a row that Tech has won the national championship.

CoC theft

Combine a Gameboy, digital cameras and a few laptops and you have not only every Tech student’s dream birthday present, but also the items stolen during the recent theft at the College of Computing. The items were worth well over $10,000, and illustrate the lax security at most campus facilities.