Winter Org fair returns to campus after delay

A picture of the Winter Org Fair. The fair gives students the opportunity to showcase their passions and interests to new potential club members. // Photo courtesy of Engage GT

On Wednesday, Feb. 16, the Office of Student Engagement hosted its semi-annual Winter Org Fair on Tech Green and Tech Walkway.

The fair, which had well over 100 student organizations in attendance over its two day span, was designed to give student organizations a space to advertise themselves to prospective members, as well as afford students the opportunity to learn more about the various clubs and organizations the student body has to offer. 

The fair had originally been scheduled for the beginning of the semester but was moved following the surge from the Omicron variant.

When asked what purpose he thought the Winter Org Fair served, Rish Desai, a second-year CS and a member of the TedXGeorgiaTech organization, stated, “The Winter Org Fair is a tremendous opportunity for Tech students to learn about the wonderful organizations available to students. Not only can students learn more about what goes on around campus, but they can also learn more about all the creative and innovative things student take part in outside of their coursework.” 

The event has been a staple for many years and continues to help students who may not be involved in organizations on campus find a place that both vibes with their passions as well as offers a community to be a part of. 

“I believe the Org Fair is a great chance to get to know about all the different clubs on campus, as well as to have a chance to talk with some members of the team about their experiences,” said Desai.

“Talking with current members is the perfect way to help answer any questions you may have.” The Org Fair had many offerings from around the campus. Student clubs, VIPs, club sports and many others were present at the event. Some even brought props, such as the rowing club team bringing a rowing machine to demonstrate the types of activities students could do or the origami club bringing examples of the advanced techniques students could learn in the club. Ultimately, the Org Fair served, and will continue to serve, as a way for students to demonstrate how they utilize their knowledge and skill-sets learned at their time here at the Institute. 

As Desai aptly puts it, “The Org Fair is a celebration of all the different ways that the student body embodies Tech’s motto of ‘Progress and Service.’ Whether or not students join more clubs, students can see and learn about each of the different activities taking place on campus.” 

To find information about clubs available on Tech’s campus, visit the GT Engage website.