L.O.V.E. GT releases survey

The L.O.V.E. GT Survey provides key information for Tech administration to target areas for improvement which matter to students. // Photo by Tuna Ergan Student Publications

Tech’s reputation as a premier public research university is centered around the motto, “progress and service.” 

Whether it isserving the greater Atlanta and Georgia communities or supporting groundbreaking research that will ultimately better the human condition, the Institute’s leadership is guided by principles that encompass students, faculty, staff, alumni and affiliates under nine core values. 

Living Our Values Every Day (L.O.V.E. GT) is an on-campus campaign initiative centered around promoting the Institute’s primary values: student prioritization, excellence, diversity, collaboration, innovation, freedom of inquiry and expression, community well-being, ethicality and responsibility.

The campaign was launched as part of the new strategic plan for bettering organizational culture, centered around the behaviors, beliefs, assumptions, priorities and experiences of the campus community at the Institute. 

In order to assess the efficacy and merit of the campaign, along with the Institute’s progress in upholding the aforementioned keystone values, L.O.V.E. GT is offering a survey to students and faculty. 

According to Sonia Alvarez-Robinson, executive director of Strategic Consulting in Georgia Tech’s Office of Strategic Consulting, “The results from this survey will provide the administration with a clear baseline on where we are succeeding versus where we have opportunities for improvement based upon the demonstration of our Institute values.”

Faculty and staff were able to provide their input through the survey in December, and students now have the opportunity to partake in the survey until the end of the business day on Feb. 4. 

The 15-minute survey offers an anonymous platform for members of the Tech community to give input regarding the improvement of campus culture to better encompass the values that are most important to the Institute. 

The questionnaire focuses on people’s experiences at Georgia Tech and whether those experiences align with the intended values the university promotes. 

The first part of the survey asks questions regarding a community member’s daily interactions and his or her impression of campus culture; the second part of the survey is targeted towards gauging whether students see other members of the community practicing the Institute’s values. 

Additionally, there is a written portion of the survey which allows students to respond to questions about the Institute. There are various prompts that facilitate dialogue on the improvement of campus culture and how Tech can better incorporate changes that better adhere to the outlined values. 

Following data collection, the campaign will eventually provide a high-level dashboard on the LOVE-GT website for the campus community to access the results.  

L.O.V.E. GT is hopeful that soliciting feedback from students, faculty and staff through the survey will be instrumental in understanding the current culture at the Institute, so that every member of the Tech community can participate in a shared mission to develop leaders who advance technology and improve the world around them. 

The expectation is that these responses will allow the Institute to identify which resources and programs have fallen astray from its primary values. 

Students can access the survey at news.gatech.edu or strategicplan.gatech.edu.