Virtual shadow day to welcome liberal arts students

Shadow Day allows future students to visit Ivan Allen College. // Photo courtesy of Ivan Allen College

This year, the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts is adapting to the new normal of virtual environments. Even though prospective students remain unable to come visit in person, Tech provides an opportunity through a liberal arts shadow day to gain insight about campus from the comfort of home – and without dealing with the busy Atlanta traffic!

Shadow Day will be held fully virtual this year. Online webinars will provide prospective and admitted students an immersive experience about the life of a liberal arts Tech student. The opportunity allows students to ask questions about campus and seek out future opportunities for involvement.

The annual shadow day event is held and produced by Elizabeth Miller, the director of enrollment and student affairs, and the Ivan Allen Student Ambassadors. Registration is open to both prospective juniors and seniors in high school.

Students’ schedule for the day is catered towards their interests and their potential major or minor.

The agenda this year includes events about the 12+ majors within Ivan Allen, talks with school faculty and alumni and even class experiences. Students will be able to attend an academic advising panel as well as watch virtual campus tours.

Future Jackets can also visit sessions to learn about financial aid, international experiences and campus life through one-on-one conversations with current students.

In the past, students have been able to take full advantage of this program, using the day to learn about all the opportunities provided in the Ivan Allen College.

Emily Schroeder, first-year CM student, said that her time attending Shadow Day last year was a great experience.

“Dr. Gall sat down at the CM table and told me about the French LBAT and international program, which both sounded like a dream come true to me,” said Schroeder.

“I actually ended up applying to the LBAT for summer 2021. Unfortunately, it got canceled due to COVID, but I hope to do it next summer. I love language learning, and French was my favorite subject in high school, so it was really exciting learning about the opportunities Tech offered that could allow me to explore that part of myself, especially at an engineering school.”

The Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts Shadow Day virtual day-long programs will be held on two days this year, the first on February 26 and again on April 2. Hopefully attendees will leave the experience knowing more about the life of a helluva liberal arts student, even during a pandemic.