Tech Programs Rank Top of Their Class

Photo courtesy of Georgia Tech College of Computing

The U.S. News and World Report has published their 2021 report on national college rankings, and the Institute ranks among some of the best in the country. The School of Industrial and Systems Engineering ranked number one for the 26th year in a row, with Tech’s civil engineering and cybersecurity programs sharing that privilege in their own respective categories.

The Institute ranks 35th among national universities for undergraduate education and 62nd globally from among the world’s top 1,500 countries. The College of Engineering, what Tech is most known for, ranks fourth nationally among undergraduate engineering programs. Nearly every undergraduate engineering program at Tech ranks in the top five in the nation, with aerospace, biomedical, chemical and mechanical engineering ranking second overall in their categories.

The College of Business also climbed rankings this year, now ranking 19th in the nation in a tie with the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; University of Maryland, College Park; University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; and the University of Washington.

The news has been a welcome source of encouragement for students and faculty, and many feel that it is the result of years of strong leadership, hard work and innovation on a global scale.

“We are a big department that samples many different fields, from systems biology to neuroscience and medical equipment… and Georgia Tech is a very attractive work environment, for both faculty and students”, says Ahmet Coskun, assistant professor of Biomedical Engineering.

“We attract the best students and faculty from around the world.”

John Igieobo, a Computer Engineering major, is prideful in his department’s performance and feels hopeful about future rankings.

“With all of the restructuring being done to the CompE curriculum, I have no doubt that we’ll rise to the top three in the next couple of years.”

These recent rankings demonstrate Tech’s current excellence and increasing research awards show the Institute has no plan to slow down. Research and sponsored activities for Tech’s academic colleges in July 2020 increased $16.6 million from July 2019 for a total of $53.3 million. This amount is the highest month of award dollars in the past 10 years.