Class of 2023 student profile

Photo courtesy of Allie Ghisson of Student Publications

Georgia Tech welcomed a new class of freshmen at convocation this past Sunday, Aug. 18. While everyone is settling into their new routines, especially our RATs, we thought it would be prudent to provide a rundown of the incoming Class of 2023’s statistics provided by the Institute, as well as some research from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC).

Tech saw another increase in applicants this year, rising from 35,613 to 36,926 between 2018 and 2019. This increase follows the upward trend of total annual applicants, though the jump this year is significantly smaller than last year, falling from a 13% increase to 3.69%.

However, as the number of applicants grows, the number of admitted students naturally falls, and this year’s class saw a staggering 18.8% admission rate, according to the AJC, which puts Tech squarely level with Emory’s selectivity. This is a major drop from the year prior, when the Institute admitted 23% of applicants.

In-state admission is also higher this year than in 2018, having risen from 37% to 40%, while out-of-state admission fell from 19% to 16%. These changes are in line with an increased representation of Georgia high schools and a decreased representation outside the state. Despite this, the number of states represented in the incoming class rose from 45 to 47, and nations represented only fell by one, from 78 to 77.

The Class of 2023 continues to narrow the gender gap for incoming students. This year’s ratio is 43/57, female to male, a significant change from last year’s 40/60.

And so begins the collegiate journey of a new batch of eager, excited Jackets. We here at the Technique look forward to reporting on the Class of 2023’s experiences and successes in the years to come.