Search for top level administrators extends into 2019

Designed by Lauren Douglas

As students return to campus with the new year, the Institute’s administration is still continuing to fill several high-level administrative positions, including at least four vacated in the wake of last summer’s ethics scandals.

In late July 2018, Tech announced the results of several investigations, centered on then executive vice president of Administration and Finance, Steve Swant, as well as three lower level administration officials: Tom Stipes, director of digital networks; Lance Lunsway, executive director of Parking and Transportation Services; Paul Strouts, vice president of Campus Services. All were accused of using their positions for their own personal gain, and all resigned following the publication of the reports.

Nearly all their positions have been temporarily filled in interim while other candidates are vetted.

In addition, searches are in progress for the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) director and senior vice president. In June 2018, the former GTRI head, Andrew Gerber, resigned in the wake of allegations that more than one million dollars worth of public money was spent on so-called “morale events” for GTRI employees, including trips to the Georgia Aquarium and Six Flags.

While searches continue, the position of GTRI director has been filled in interim by Lora Weiss, the organization’s chief technology officer.

The Institute is also looking for a replacement for Patrick McKenna, who retired from his position as vice president of Legal Affairs and Risk Management shortly after the ethics scandal this past fall. According to a spokesperson for the Institute, his retirement was unrelated to the ethical scandals that so closely preceded it.

As part of the vast restructuring, that position was recast as the vice president of ethics compliance and legal affairs, a role which Aisha Oliver-Staley currently holds in interim.

The office of the vice president of Institute Communications is seeking a replacement. Michael Warden, who  previously held the position, was removed from office by President Peterson in August as a part of his “review [of] the current structure, organization and leadership of the office of Institute Communications.”

Dene Sheheane, is serving as vice president of Institute Communications in the interim while continuing to serve as vice president for Government and Community Relations.

Other senior positions that have yet to be filled include the vice president of Industry Collaboration and the associate vice president of Institute Planning and Resource Management.