Summer kicks off with campus-wide construction

Photo courtesy of Tech Communications

As the ebb of students slows during the summer semester, several construction projects are continuing to move full speed ahead.

Four different construction sites are being completed this summer, including the 2,930 square-foot cleanroom for the Marcus Center for Therapeutic Cell Characterization, the first floor of the Savant Building and the Van Leer Interdisciplinary Design Commons. Additional finishing touches were also placed on the Atlantic Promenade project, completing the arterial corridor and the Seven Bridges Plaza.

Meanwhile, other construction projects are just getting underway. In order to install utility infrastructure, the north- and sound-bound lanes of State Street beside the Marcus Nanotechnology Building will be closed until July 31 and visitors will have to access the North Campus Parking deck by 10th Street. Additionally, the 80-acre Eco-Commons project that aims to create a greenscape across campus while simultaneously reducing stormwater runoff by 50 percent, is beginning.

However, the majority of construction occurring this summer will continue to trot along through Fall and onward as continuations of large projects. At the northwest end of campus, a new 300,000-square-foot Campus Safety Facility is under construction at the corner of Hemphill and 10th St., which will replace the old GTPD Building.

At the corner of Ferst Drive and State St. NW, the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design, a sustainable building adhering to the Living Building Challenge 3.1, continues to be built, with an expected completion date of Summer 2019.

Two other buildings are under construction — the Dalney Building, an energy-efficient office space and parking lot, and the Coda Building, a high-performance computing center and office space.

In addition to new developments, renovations of the lecture halls of Howey Physics Building, the classrooms of the Instructional Center, the football locker room in Bobby Dodd and the first floor of Boggs continue.

Phase I of the Library renovation, which overhauls the library tower, will push forward through the summer with expected completion in the winter of this year, while Phase II will begin in January and complete the renovation of the rest of the library.

More information on these construction projects and renovations as well as updated completion dates can be found online at