Carters win 2017 Ivan Allen Prize

The 2017 Ivan Allen, Jr. Prize in Social Courage has been awarded to Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter.

The Carters are being jointly recognized for their work in improving human rights conditions throughout the world, both in their capacities as former President and First Lady as well as through the Carter Center. Based in Atlanta, the Carter Center has made a name for itself by focusing on disease eradication in a post-smallpox era.

President Carter himself won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for his efforts as president and through the Carter Center for pursuing diplomatic and peaceful solutions to international issues.

The former First Lady has championed mental health activism throughout her career through both Carter Center initiatives and independent ventures.

This year’s symposium honoring the winners will be held at the Biltmore on Feb. 17 and will feature events, such as a panel discussion on “the power of partnerships” as well as a Town Hall between the Carters and Tech students. Symposiums in past years have honored activist Nancy Parrish, Representative John Lewis and former Senator Sam Nunn.