Tech Green reopening delayed, nearby construction continues

Photo by Sara Schmitt

The reopening of Tech Green has been delayed until after the winter months, according to new information posted on the original Facilities Management announcement page for the construction project.

Despite the construction being scheduled to finish in May, Facilities originally elected to delay the reopening of Tech Green until Aug. 15 in order to allow the new grass to take root. Though construction is now complete, fencing will remain to protect the new grass throughout football season and colder weather.

The construction on Tech Green was designed to allow the field to recover more rapidly following periods of rain thanks to improved drainage underneath the greenspace. The delay of is reopening will push construction time into spanning four semesters over a period of nearly 12 months.

In conjunction with the Tech Green project, construction began on Feb. 15 to complete improvements to Cherry St. and Atlantic Dr., which remains heavily fenced along its duration.

Fencing around Atlantic Dr. has also cut off all pedestrian traffic from the Free Speech Plaza to Howey along the road itself. Atlantic Dr. is scheduled to finish construction in October of this year and is still closed to non-construction traffic. Ferst Dr. is under construction with an anticipated end date in October, with traffic being rerouted or detoured depending on the phase of construction.

Current construction is taking place primarily on the section of the road between Howey and State St, with the sidewalk closest to Howey partially closed as a result. Additionally, the intersection between State St. and Ferst Dr. has undergone numerous changes, including the removal of a number of trees previously located in the center of the intersection.