Candidates share platforms, issues

Photos courtesy of Anju & Ben 2016, Drew Humphry, Brian & Megan 2016, Nagela & Shane 2016

Four tickets vying for Undergraduate Student Government President and Vice President have begun campaigning and released their platforms.

This year’s candidates are: Sara Dada, third-year PUBP and ECON, and Andrew Perry, third-year CS; Nagela Nukuna, third-year IE, and Shane Mudrinich, third-year BIOCHEM; Anju Suresh, third-year IE, and Ben Nickel, third-year IE; Brian Shin, third-year BA, and Megan Fechter, third-year BA.

Each student running for President and Vice President,
respectively. Every pair’s platform can be viewed in both distilled and more detailed formats on their respective websites.

In examining each ticket’s extended platform, numerous similarities in content and priorities become apparent. In spite of comperable overarching ideas, each platform also has a number of unique proposals.

Dada and Perry, for example, place unique emphasis on providing resources and safe spaces for the members of the LGBTQIA community. They additionally propose establishing a form which would allow students to share their complaints and compliments regarding SGA’s work.

Nukuna and Mudrinich are the sole ticket to address SGA initiatives in improving Tech’s online Event Management System and easing the transition from T-Square to another Learning Management System. The pair furthermore addresses the need
to continue aiding Tech’s less well-to-do students through initiatives like Campus Closet and Klemis Kitchen.

Suresh and Nickel proposed a unique system for students to both report incidents of discrimination as well as learn about ways to foster diversity on Tech’s campus. The pair were the only ticket to address the need to implement new study spaces and use existing spaces more creatively, particularly in preparation for the Student Center Re(in)novation.

Shin and Fechter propose a “State of the Student Body” address facilitated by SGA to increase transparency and communication with respect to the
student body. While Parking and Transportation is a popular topic across all platforms, Shin and Fechter were the only candidates to suggest the possibility of transportation to and from Tech’s Student Competition Center.

The facility, which is adjacent to Tech’s campus on 14th Street, is the competitive home of Robojackets and Solar Racing, among other organizations.

Voting will take place on the SGA elections website beginning April 8 and ending April 13.

The Technique will host a debate between all of the candidates on April 5 in room 152 of Clough Commons, beginning at 11 a.m.

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