Students vote “yes” to Student Center Re(in)novation

Photo by My Ai Thai

After a full week of voting, the Student Center Re(in)novation project has announced that students voted in favor of a new fee to fund work on the Student Center.

Of the 5,025 students who voted, 66 percent voted in favor of the new fee.

The proposed fee will go to the Tech’s Student Fee Committee for review this upcoming November. Should it be approved, the fee will then be reviewed by the Board of Regents in January 2017 for approval in April.

Construction on the Student Center is not expected to begin until Summer 2019, with a projected Grand Opening in August 2021.

The fee that students approved would not exceed $85 per semester and would be implemented after the opening of the new facility, to ensure that only students who can take advantage of the project will be asked to pay for it.

The fee will cover 50 percent of the $100 million expected cost. 25 percent will be covered by Institute funds, and the other 25 percent will be covered by auxiliary revenues.

“We are thrilled about about the student participation and the results of the vote,” said Dr. Lindsay Bryant, Interim Director of Student Center Programs. “It’s encouraging to see that the proposal resonates with the students. Now that we know the student body supports the Re(in)novation we can move onto the next step in the process.”