New Pre-Health advisor appointed to C2D2

Photo courtesy of Franciso Castelan

The Center for Career Discovery and Development (C2D2) recently announced the addition of  new pre-health advisor, Francisco Castelan. Castelan is replacing Andrea Clark who left in September of 2015. After months searching for the best suited candidate, the C2D2 finally decided on Castelan, a professional with more than ten years of advising experience.

With degrees from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and University of Wisconsin-Madison, Castelan holds a passion for helping students find their career aspirations. He took this love to Northwestern University, and later Spelman College, where he worked as an advisor for nine years and one year respectively. Now, he has joined the pre-Graduate and pre-Professional Advising team here at Tech.

In addition to advising students, Castelan will be heavily involved with various pre-health professional groups. He is also the Chair for the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion and as a co-chair for the 2016 national conference. Serving as a representative for the National Association of Advisors in the Health Profession, he holds positions on committees within the Association of America Medical Colleges group on Student Affairs.

“The opportunity at Georgia Tech was a natural match to work closely with students and join a team created to focus on student services and career development,” Castelan said in a press release. “C2D2 has a clear commitment to keeping Georgia Tech on the forefront of both innovation and service for its students and that’s where I hope to strengthen the foundation for students pursuing careers in the health professions.”

As a member of the pre-Graduate and pre-Professional Advising team, Castelan will work closely with students who are seeking admission to professional schools as well as those who may be pursuing prestigious post-graduation scholarships and awards.

“We are excited that Francisco has joined the team,” said Shannon Dobranski, director of Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional Advising.  “In addition to his advising credentials, he has strong connections with professional schools and the national pre-health community.”

“He will take point with all pre-health programming and cross-train the other pre-professional advisors so that we can always provide the best possible service to our students.”