New finance program introduced

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Starting this fall, the Institute will be offering a new Financial Training Program for administration and professionals within the Tech community. Developed by finance professionals affiliated with Tech, the program is meant to empower the financial community at Tech with the knowledge they need to successfully navigate Tech’s business processes.

Financial experts at GTRI piloted many of the new courses this past summer, providing advice and commentary to increase the effectiveness of the programs.

“I found the training program to be really practical,” said Julie Stovernik, assistant director of Financial Operations at GTRI. “It provided me an opportunity to refresh and expand my knowledge of Tech’s financial operations — something we all can benefit from. It was interactive, informative and offered several realistic scenarios for everyday applications.”

This Financial Management Knowledge Development series will consist of two segments. The first will focus on educating people to have a solid foundation regarding Tech’s management and financial processes. Topics will include basic accounting, the procure-to-pay process, human resources, payroll, travel and expenses. Depending on an employee’s title, he or she will be offered more targeted courses meant to focus solely on the responsibilities and knowledge required at that specific post.

The other segment, The Extramural Sponsored Training Program, will delve further in depth in topics covered in the first segment and explain the management of grants and contracts.

This fall, the program will be opened to an initial group of professionals within the Tech community. As the year progresses, more people will be invited to participate in the pilot. The goal is to eventually have a full program that all administration can participate in.