New biotech building begins life

Photo by David Raji

The Engineered Biosystems Buidling (EBB) was officially opened on Friday, Sept. 11.

“The EBB will drive innovation and have an undeniable impact on biomedical science and human health,” said Tech President G.P. “Bud” Peterson in a statement. “EBB brings together some of the world’s finest researchers in a collaborative environment, and these collaborations will result in incredible breakthroughs.”

Construction on the building was concluded in the Spring, and the ribbon cutting ceremony took place last Friday. The EBB contains seven floors and grosses 218,914 square feet. Most of the floor space is taken up by labs and offices for those students and other lab affiliates.

The complex is located roughly a block south of 10th Street, on the northern area of the Biotech Quad, where it joins the Molecular Science and Engineering Building, U.A. Whittaker Biomedical Engineering Building, the Ford Environmental Science and Technology Building and Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience.

The EBB has been largely paid for already at this point in time. The remaining 20 percent of funding that has not been received yet is set to be gained through pledged commitments over a five-year timeline.

In total, the EBB constitutes the most money that Tech has ever invested in one building. Roughly half of this funding, which was roughly $64 million, was received from state appropriations.

According to Donna Hyland, President and CEO of Children’s Healthcare, the EBB will facilitate collaboration between researchers with expertise in clinical care and technology. She also commented that the new building would assist in the launching of the new Pediatric Technology Center.

Labs within the EBB include those concerning research in the areas of cell and developmental biology, chemical biology and systems biology.