Campus corgis rise to fame

Photo Courtesy of Sucette

A video, created by Tech students Fredrick Grimm and Patrick Caudil, showing corgis frolicking around Tech campus has gone viral, accumulating over 500,000 views on YouTube. According to Grimm, the video was the spontaneous result of the puppies’ visit to campus.

“My family had corgi puppies kind of at the beginning of summer, and I made a few trips to see them at home. But all of my friends who are in Atlanta really wanted to see them too,” Grimm said.

Grimm’s parents agreed to make the trip from nearby North Augusta, S.C., with the corgis in tow.

“When they brought the corgis up, not all of my friends were in town, and some of them were upset they weren’t going to see them,” Grimm said. “So my roommates and I just decided to film a little video so we could stitch something together and show it to our friends who weren’t in town so that they could see the puppies.”

The result of the video was a minor viral sensation. The video was reported by, Huffington Post and even KCTV Kansas City. The clip will also be featured in an upcoming segment of Good Morning America.

“We had no idea it would take off like it did or it would be that popular. I figured it would cheer some people up during finals week, so that’s [why] I released it when I did,” Grimm said.

Perhaps the most iconic part of the video was shots of the corgi puppies sleeping in baking pans. According to Grimm, this was also a happy accident.

“We would always feed them their wet food in the baking pans… and they would all finish the food and… compete to see who could sleep inside of the baking pan,” Grimm said. “[When] we brought them up to Atlanta, they did the same thing…. But then we realized that we had many baking pans at our townhome, so we were just like, ‘Well, let’s not [let] them fight. Let’s just give them all their own baking pans.’ So we pulled out baking pans, and they all ran for them and were perfectly content inside of them.”

When asked whether they got in trouble with Tech, Grimm laughed and commented that GTPD just came over to them and played with the puppies. They then continued their round.

The entire two minute, 40 second video was taken on a GoPro camera by Grimm, Caudil and a few others. The video was assembled from approximately an hour of footage using Premier Pro. The video is entitled “GoPro: Corgi Puppies at Georgia Tech.”