OSI disbands Phi Kappa Tau for continual violations

On Friday, March 28, the Office of Student Integrity (OSI) disbanded the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity at Tech until May 15, 2017, effectively ending the organization’s right to be recognized as a Chartered Student Organization and requiring that the chapter premises be vacated before May 6.

These sanctions take place almost five months after the chapter was placed on probation following the ubiquitous “rape bait” email.

Based on its investigations in the case, OSI found multiple instances where the chapter violated the rules set forth by that probationary letter that have occurred since the original probation began on Nov. 1, 2013.

The first violation occurred when two fraternity members, one of whom was Matthew Petersen, the author of the “rape bait” email, furnished alcohol to minors, according to GTPD Incident Report 14020433. Both Petersen and the other fraternity member were underage at that time and also consumed alcohol. This was in clear violation of section C1a of the Student Code of Conduct, which prohibits underage use or possession of alcohol.

According to the official letter from OSI to the fraternity that was obtained by the Technique, additional reasons for Phi Kappa Tau’s dismissal include a “pattern of sexual violence that…suggests a deep-rooted culture within the fraternity that is obscene, indecent and endangers women,” the nonremoval of fraternity members who pose a risk to others and other incidents where drinking was permitted in chapter meetings. This is corroborated by various chapter meeting minutes and emails obtained by the Technique from the OSI.

*TRIGGER WARNING: The following text contains strong language and graphic descriptions of sexual violence.* 

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Excerpts from Chapter Meetings

The following is a list of excerpts that were taken from the Phi Kappa Tau chapter meetings which summarized, at the discretion of the person taking the meeting minutes, reports by various leaders within the organization. 

Risk Encouragement: “-Rape is good”

Social: “Watch out for rapebait”

Formal: “Formal Plan: Gatlinburg..Big cabin with separate rooms…ayyyy ;)”

Alumni/Misc: “The police are coming…hide yo drugs…cuz we are keeping the suit”

“…tried to stop us from selling drugs FAILS”

Exec VP: “Brother’s Retreat: Next weekend…Biue moon, 3 bud lights, I keystone for pledges (haze the fuck out of them if they don’t finish)”

Leadership: “right futures is for bitches. Drink faster or you are a cunt. Go to jacketpages.edu and join an organization …..or just say you did.”

Fun Police: “[redacted] and [redacted] get drunk and crash…[redacted] subjected to two hours of gay sex…kissing involved.”

Poet Laureate: “Always ID before laying the D”

View the original Phi Kappa Tau meeting minutes

Email Excerpts: “Social Stuff”

The following  is an excerpt from an email sent to Phi Kappa Tau actives regarding a recent party that had recently taken place.

“Solid party Friday! A few things about it though:

l. If you are sober monitor, that includes DRUGS. Don’t do them ifyou are supposed to be sober monitor.

2. The pledges rock! I’m pretty sure they drank more in that night then all the JAs combined for the whole semester. They definitely hooked up with more girls that the fall haha”

View the original emails

Fraternal Songs

The following is one of the songs required by the fraternity required pledges to sing both after initiation and at their Christmas party.


Leader: Who can take a bicycle,
Group: Who can take a bicycle,
Leader: Tear off the seat.
Group: Tear off the seat.
Leader: Impale a virgin on it, and push her down a bumpy street.
Leader: The S & M man.
Group: Oh the S & M man.
Leader: Oh the S & M man.
Group: Oh the S & M man.
Chorus: The S &M man,
‘Cause he mixes it with love,
And makes the hurt feel good
Makes the hurt feel good.
Who can take two ice picks
Stick ‘em in her ears
Ride her like a Harley while he pokes her in the rear
Who can take two jumper cables
Hook ‘em to her tits
Turn on the juice and electrocute the bitch
Who can go to an abortion clinic
Sneak around the back
Rummage through the dumpster and find a tasty snack
Who can take a blender
Stick it in her cunt
Turn the sucker on and purrate her little twat
Who can take some acid
Pour it on her twat
Then watch the cunt muffin rot
Who can take a bottle
Shove it up her ass
Hit her with a bat and shatter all the glass
Who can take a tight slut
Fuck her ‘till she cries
Then pull it out real fast and skeet into her eyes
Who can take a chainsaw
Saw the bitch in two
Take the top half and give the bottom half to you
Who can take a razor blade
give her a nasty cut
and then use the blood to lube up her butt