Phi Kappa Tau faces interim suspension, multiple violations

Photo by Caity Murphy

The Alpha Rho chapter of Phi Kappa Tau has been placed on interim suspension by the Division of Student Affairs, pending the completion of an investigation into multiple alleged violations of Tech’s student code of conduct.

According to official statements from Tech and the National Fraternity Organization, four members of the chapter, which was already on social probation as a result of the “Rape bait” email in fall 2013, were suspended by chapter leadership for violating fraternity policy.

Two of those members have also been are under interim suspension and are banned from chapter grounds as well as Tech.

According to the Georgia Tech Police Department’s (GTPD) crime logs, case number 14010181, there was a rape reported at the fraternity on Jan. 17, 2014 at the fraternity house.

A case was opened for further investigation at the time of the report on Jan. 22.

A separate incident report, case number 14020433, shed more light on the subject.

According to the report, which was redacted to remove personal information, a female complainant came forward on Jan. 22 to discuss an alleged incident that occurred on Jan. 17, inherently referring to the aforementioned sexual assault case.

According to the report, officers  found that Phi Kappa Tau fraternity members had provided alcoholic beverages to individuals who were under the legal drinking age of 21.

GTPD met with the confidential victim of the case who stated that, prior to arriving at the fraternity house the night of Jan. 17, she had sent a text message to a fraternity member asking that he purchase a 12-pack case of Woodchuck Hard Cider for her and her friends.

The victim stated that the fraternity member agreed, and she repaid him for the purchase later that night.

Text messages retrieved by GTPD from Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless also corroborated the victim’s story.

The victim also stated that she was provided with a shot of Fireball cinnamon whisky, though she could not recall whether she asked for it or not.

The report stated GTPD interviewed a fraternity member on Feb. 7. He stated that he did provide the shot of Fireball on Jan. 17 by her request.

The report also stated that GTPD had interviewed another fraternity member on Feb. 10. The suspect stated that he had provided the victim with alcoholic beverages on Jan. 17.

He also acknowledged that he drank alcoholic beverages the same night even though he was also under 21.

According to the incident report, both fraternity members were under the age of 21 on Jan. 17, and it was determined that they both possessed and furnished alcoholic beverages to other individuals who were under the age of 21.