GTSF celebrates $1,000,000 mark

Photo by John Nakano

On Oct. 24, the Georgia Tech Student Foundation celebrated their endowment reaching $1,000,000.

For years, the Student Foundation has supported Tech and many different student organizations by giving grants and allocations to various organizations and projects with the intent of enhancing the campus and Tech community.

“The Georgia Tech Student Foundation is a student organization housed in the Alumni Association. It was founded in 1986 by J. Erskine Love, who wanted to teach students the value of philanthropy, giving back and making an impact on Georgia Tech, and that goes with the Student Foundation’s motto of moving forward by giving back,” said Laura Giglio, Student Organizations Manager and Tech alumna.

During the commemoration event, the Student Foundation reflected on the years of investment work, and the organization thanked alumni and current undergraduate members for their efforts that made the milestone possible to reach.

“This event focused on celebrating the success of GTSF and thanking all of our current and past members for their hard work and dedication,” said Nick Keith, Chief Financial Officer of GTSF. “Ever since the $100,000 gift was endowed to GTSF in 1986, the investment branch of GTSF has had their eye on the seven-figure, million dollar mark. It is a very satisfying achievement to be part of an organization that has experienced so much success while giving money back to the GT community.”

While faculty advisors assist the students with multiple needs for accomplishing their goals as an organization, undergraduates alone have been able to successfully invest through the stock market and manage philanthropy at Tech. They have gone on from a strong foundation set before them to expand their efforts and successes every year.

“The students run it and get to decide where the money is invested,” Giglio said. “Everything is very student driven and I think the caliber of students that Georgia Tech has and their drive to learn how to be successful in that area is what really contributes. Our Student Foundation has actually gained national recognition based on how well the students do.”

While these returns were gathered over the Student Foundation’s existence, it has offered almost as much in funds and grants in the process, and the amount given back continues to grow year after year.

“GTSF helps students found new initiatives by funding ideas through the early stages of development,” Keith said. “As such, GTSF has given back over $700,000 since 1987 to fund the start-up of many student organizations in existence on campus today. We believe that the money plays a key role in the success of young initiatives because we are investing in the amazing ideas and capabilities of our students at Georgia Tech.”

Despite the years of returns that the Student Foundation has accumulated, the entire organization is continually reaching to add to these numbers in the years to come.

GTSF still emphasizes their goals to reach out to student groups and offer funds to novel projects and organizations.

“GTSF is here to provide funds to students who otherwise would not be able to afford founding their new idea,” Keith said. “If any student is interested in receiving funding in the spring semester, we welcome them to contact us and apply for allocations. There are also many ways to get involved with GTSF if a student is passionate in supporting our mission.”