OIT working on campus information technology plan

As part of Tech’s Strategic Plan, a new Campus Information Technology Master Plan is being designed and implemented to help maintain Tech’s technological edge.

For the first time in the school’s history, the administration is creating a consolidated plan to integrate all of the IT services from across campus and develop a strategy to guide the many short and long term IT-related decisions that will be made in the future.

“We’re currently taking a broad look at the entire technological ecosystem here, not simply IT. All of the systems underlying the teaching, research, operations and administration are being examined,” said Robert Gerhart, Director of Facilities and IT for the College of Architecture.

The initiative will be overseen by a committee consisting of administrators from academic departments across campus. The committee was assembled this past summer, and the administration has been working to collect input from students and faculty.

“Through a sequence of campus interviews and town halls, we’ve talked to approximately 200 people so far,” Gerhart said.

Members of the committee are taking a broad scan of Tech’s environment to assess OIT’s current strengths as well as areas in need of improvement. Everything from campus Wi-Fi and computing clusters, to software licensing and student portal access is under discussion.

As part of the school’s wish to gather as much quality community input as possible, there will be several town hall meetings held during the course of the semester, including two which have taken place within the past two weeks.

Students can also suggest feedback by going to itmasterplan.gatech.edu.