Grant Field celebrates 100 years

Photo by John Nakano

On Sept. 26, Grant Field at Bobby Dodd Stadium will reach its 100th Anniversary, and will also host Tech’s nationally televised game with Virginia Tech as a centerpiece to the centennial celebration.

For Tech, Grant Field’s 100th Anniversary stands as a hallmark to its rich culture and history as a nationally recognized university, and the Athletic Department intends to celebrate through the Sept. 26 game, merchandise and continuous recognition throughout the football season.

“Georgia Tech embraces its tradition and history like no other school. Our students—most of whom were born after Georgia Tech’s 1990 national championship—are extremely football knowledgeable and they are quick to learn and embrace our football and athletics history,” said Dean Buchan, Assistant Director of Athletics Media Relations.

The main celebration on Sept. 26 will be held to commemorate Grant Field’s anniversary, and the athletic department intends to make the following game a day to remember.

“The night of the Virginia Tech game, Yellow Jacket Alley (around 5 p.m.) will be a great place to be. It will be fantastic to have our All-Americans lead our current team down YJA for a very important ACC game,” Buchan said. “All of the pre-game festivities on Callaway Plaza should have an extra buzz that night. It should be a lot of fun.”

While Tech’s entire football season will pay tribute the field’s centennial mark, Tech will also recognize Grant Field’s historical milestone through a logo and merchandise for game day visitors.

“A logo is already in place. You’ll see this logo painted on the field this season and the players will wear the logo on the backs of their helmets,” Buchan said.

Many students are impressed by the history behind Grant Field and its historical influence on Tech over the years.

“It obviously symbolizes our institution, its rich history, excellence in football and academics overall,” said Huns Kreuk, a fourth-year EE major, “As a student, I’m really proud to be here and witness cool things like this.”

Also, Tech’s history appears to inspire a number of visitors and new students who have arrived on campus.

“I think its really cool how Georgia Tech has so much history behind it,” said Camille Felix, a first-year CM major. “As a freshman, I’m looking forward to the history that people can make here at Tech.”