AT&T facility coming to Tech

AT&T will have a new home in Tech Square with the upcoming launching of a new AT&T Foundry facility. The company believes that this Atlanta location will “speed up the development of the latest technologies and applications that will help enrich your life whether at home, work or on the road,” as stated in a press release.

The AT&T Foundry represents an investment of $3 million as a result of the joint efforts of AT&T, Cisco and Tech, as well as state and local business and political leadership.

“We’re planning to move fast at these new locations, which will be focused on accelerating many of the new technologies that will drive AT&T’s growth in the near future,” said John Donovan, Senior Executive Vice President of AT&T Technology and Network Operation.

Donovan has been a large part in the changes the company is making while transitioning from being a company with a reputation for moving at a slower pace than the competition. These foundries are designed to be a place where innovative ideas can grow, come to fruition and be implemented for the company.

This new facility will be focused on the development of next generation of lifestyle applications and services. More specifically, this will include technologies mostly involved with developing apps and services for AT&T’s connected car business, its home security service Digital Life, emerging devices and its U-Verse Internet, phone and television offering.

“The AT&T Foundry is a tremendous asset for Atlanta’s innovation community. With a rich history in wireless technology, the metro Atlanta region has emerged as the global leader in mobility,” said Sam A. Williams, President of the  Metro Atlanta Chamber in a press release.

The Atlanta location was chosen because there is a lot of innovation going on in the city and as a company they “really like that ecosystem.”

Overall though the facility will house nine AT&T employees, while another Foundry opening up in in Plano which will focus on machine to machine connected devices will house about seven in comparison to the existing facility in Palo Alto which has 35 employees.

The Atlanta Foundry is currently still under construction with plans to open in coming months.