Peterson returns from state tour

Photo by Blake Israel

Earlier this week Georgia Tech President G.P. “Bud” Peterson returned from his fifth annual Georgia Tour.

The trip, which takes place every summer is an opportunity for Peterson and his wife Valerie Peterson, who travels with him, to meet with alumni, students, state leaders and other friends around the state to share updates on Tech while also listening to questions and concerns regarding how Tech can help with problems many Georgians face.

“It is a tradition that we started when I came to Georgia Tech a little more than four years ago making this the fifth ‘State Tour’. The pace of the trip is pretty demanding, but very rewarding for all of those who participate. We get to see so many loyal Tech supporters and others who want to learn more about Georgia Tech and the role we play in the state,” said Peterson.

The tour of the state includes traveling more than 800 miles with more than 11 stops including Sea Island/Brunswick, Savannah, Statesboro, Lake Oconee, Athens and Lake Lanier/Buford and others points in between.

The locations of the tour change yearly as Peterson tries to touch different cities around the state so that they can touch all of the various regions. Peterson has been able to visit 27 cities, some multiple times and traveled more than 3,800 miles in the past five years.

“The summer tour is a function of the Office of President, but the Georgia Tech Alumni Association, the Office of the Government and Community Relations as well as Institute Communications,” Peterson said.

As the tour involves the coordination of many units across campus, the largest costs come in time spent traveling around the state, but Peterson believes that all of the energy invested is well worth it.

“The tour reminds me of how Georgia Tech touches so many people and businesses throughout the state and how significant the impact we have is on the students, families and businesses of Georgia,” Peterson said. “The Hope Scholarship and the opportunity it provides continues to amaze me. I always come back with a renewed appreciation for all of the support we receive from so many different constituencies.”