Urban Honey Bee Project offers volunteer classes

During the summer semester, the Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project (UHBP) will be offering two classes, UHBP Orientation and Intro to Beekeeping, for those interested in the program. These 50 minute classes are free, and students can attend in any order.

The classes are designed to introduce interested volunteers to different aspects of the program and beekeeping in general.

The UHBP Orientation class will be held on June 11 and July 9, while the Intro to Beekeeping will be held on June 18 and July 23. All classes will begin in Room 125 of Clough Commons at 11:00 a.m.

“This project is an interdisciplinary, research and outreach project, and it was established by the college of sciences to help students make connections between introductory lab science courses.”, said program coordinator Dr. Jennifer Leavey.

In addition to introductory labs for undergraduate students, the Urban Honey Bee Project stands as a outlet for research under different departments, and all majors are welcome to participate in the program and use the beehives for an approved research project. CHBE, AE, ECON and PUB are some targeted majors.

“I think this project is incredibly cool because you can take it in so many different directions.” said Joseph Elsherbini, a senior biology major and UHBP researcher. “We are designing labs for all of the introductory science courses so there’s parts of physics, biology, chemistry and environmental science all wrapped up in this project.”

“Any major is welcome and not just students. The faculty and staff on the campus is welcome as well,” Leavey said. “There are many people from all walks of life on campus and different jobs who are interested this as well and can contribute and be active members of this team no matter what their job is.”