Bill Gates plans to speak to students

The “Conversation with Bill Gates” will be held in Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons (CULC) Room 152 on Tuesday, Nov. 20 from 6:00 p.m. to  7:00 p.m..

Gates will present a five to ten minute address to Tech students and faculty and leave the remaining time for live Q&A.

“Students will get to interact with Mr. Bill Gates which is once in lifetime opportunity,” said Sangita Sharma, SCPC President and major organizer for the event.

Talks@Tech organizes their events featuring well known guest speakers in order to engage students in valuable discussion over a broad range of topics through Q&A.

The session with Gates is intended to be straight-forward and interesting by allowing the audience to interact with and guide the conversation.

The Talks@Tech session will be a generally open discussion session. Every attending and even absent student can submit a question electronically on the Talks@Tech web page, and during the session, Gates will respond to selected questions during the video conference. The faculty and students behind the event are hopeful that

Gates will provide an informative and inspiring discussion with Tech students.

“Bill Gates is a fine example of a person who can excite the student body, and he embodies the idea of progress and service throughout Microsoft and philanthropy through the Gate Foundation,” Sharma said.

As most of the event is unstructured discussion, the talk can range to wherever audience questions take it.  For this reason, students are encouraged to submit any and all questions that they may have for Gates.

“Our hope is that he will talk about new technology at Microsoft and possibly his philanthropy with the Gates Foundation,” Sharma said.

It is intended that his conversation engage students in a variety of topics Tech students encounter daily, including technology, society, community service, leadership, and innovation.

“It’s exciting to know Bill Gates will answering our questions on Microsoft, his service, and the things he has learns as a leader in innovation, and hopefully, we can take something away from this as Tech students,” said Barry Weaver, a second-year Biology major.

Gates, through event coordinators, has expressed his eagerness for the the video conference as well.

“Bill Gates is really excited to be interacting with Tech students by engaging with active dialogue on topics of interest,” Sharma said.

Students are highly encouraged to participate with this unique Tech event, and Talks@Tech wants students to be able to take full advantage of this opportunity.

“Come early because they are already prepared to fill up both room. Bring lots of questions. Get excited and be sure to visit our website, to really get an idea of the larger initiative because it is more than just a one speaker event,” Sharma said.