Burger Bytes set to open in early 2013

A new hamburger restaurant, called Burger Bytes, will soon call the Student Center home. Set to open in Spring 2013, the restaurant will be located where World of Wings (WoW) Cafe & Wingery was previously.

Coming from the owners of Zaya, Burger Bytes intends to establish itself as a convenient restaurant option with efficient service and prices acceptable to a student budget.

The Burger Bytes concept has been reviewed by the Auxiliary Services Dining & Retail Advisory Board to guarantee a campus dining experience up to par with Auxiliary standards.

Some of these ideas extend to creating unique menu options that accommodate various campus lifestyles, and designing an interior decor style that relates to the high tech campus atmosphere.

At first glance, Burger Bytes may appear the average college burger joint. However, the new restaurant has worked to establish a menu that would appeal to a wide variety of taste preferences.

Typical to similarly modeled restaurants, the location will primarily focus on serving burgers, fries and chicken tenders, but will also feature special and unique options to meet the requirements of alternative diets.

“[The Auxiliary Services Dining and Retail Advisory Board] have tested unique Mediterranean pimento cheese and Portobello mushroom burger […] and both were well received by vegetarian students,” said Senior Director of Auxiliary Services Rich Steele.

Burger Bytes hopes that its efforts to create a unique menu will satisfy Tech’s diversity.

“I’ve always wanted a place where I can get a good burger to go, so hopefully, the burgers are good. I feel like our campus could use this,” said second-year BIO major Barry Weaver.

As a restaurant with audience made up of college students with compressed schedules, accommodations will be provided for sit-in dining as well as for meals to-go.

Burger Bytes will have typical restaurant commodities, but the restaurant will also set itself apart with its accommodations to student needs and personalization of burgers. For students who are rushing to grab a quick meal, Burger Bytes will hold an express line for to-go orders.

“It’s exciting to have this new restaurant during freshman year, and the fact that we have a to-go line makes me want to stop by on the way to class,” said Kevin Davis, a first-year CHEM major.

A name like Burger Bytes, the style of the restaurant may revolve around a computer theme. While no date has been set, Burger Bytes should open in Spring 2013. According to Steele, contractors are developing cost estimates for completing the necessary work to opening Burger Bytes.