Annual challenge at CRC kicks off

[media-credit name=”CRC” align=”aligncenter” width=”711″][/media-credit]“The goal of the Pink Cardio Challenge is to honor and support those with breast cancer and to encourage healthy lifestyle participation,” said CRC Assistant Director of Communications Sara Warner. “The goal of this year’s event is similar to last years’—opening the event for more participation.”

The program, which will take place throughout the month of October, will challenge students to participate in various CRC activities to support breast cancer patients. Students will be allowed to record their exercise times on an information card and drop it off in one of the designated drop boxes at the CRC.

The challenge is free for any CRC patrons who wish to participate without a need for registration, allowing students to partake in the competition at any point during the month.

As part of the challenge, students are asked to complete as many “cardio minutes” as possible. Participants track the minutes they spent in the CRC biking, swimming, running or doing cardio exercise classes. Time spent individually exercising or in intramurals can also be used towards one’s activity points.

Participants can receive extra points by using the Pink Treadmills or the new Synrgy 360 equipment that was unveiled earlier this week. In addition, participants can also receive extra points for participating in the Halloween Holla 5K Walk/ Run at 7 a.m. on Oct. 31.

“I’m very excited about this [and] I cannot wait to sign up,” said first-year MSE major Anna Janoff. “I think it is a great idea. It encourages people to work out and to also work out for a good cause.”