CRC or not CRC

Representatives from Swordfish Underwater Hockey Club proposed a bill requesting funding for hosting a tournament, for fees for use of their practice location and for various related equipment.

VP of Finance Danny Farmer began the discussion on the bill by giving JFC recommendations, one of which was to strike all funding for hosting, as hosting home tournaments is specifically prohibited within JFC policy. UHR motioned to add the JFC recommendations to an amendment, and the amendment was passed.

Next, several representatives expressed their disapproval of paying for the team to practice off campus when could potentially use the CRC for free. According to the organizational representatives, however, the outside location was better for their purposes and the CRC was hard to book.

After much debate in the house, Representative Alex Bandes moved to pass an amendment striking all funding for outside practices, in turn giving his criticism to the organization for not doing enough research into the costs of renting different locations.

The amendment began by Bandeswas approvedd and the final bill, now only containing funding for gloves and fins, was passed 41-4-0.