SGA offers free weekly trips to Woodruff Arts

A weekly shuttle service to the Woodruff Arts Center began taking its first batch of students to the Woodruff Arts center on Thursday, Sept. 6. This new SGA venture picks students up at the Student Center and the Graduate Living Center at 5:30 p.m., then circulates back and forth between campus and the Arts Center until 11 p.m. Students are dropped off at the location of their choosing on campus on their way back.

The partnership between the Woodruff Arts Center and Tech, which has lasted for two years since 2010, has become more solidified over the years, culminating in this opportunity for students to experience art and culture on a weekly basis.

“This year, we have the Georgia Tech Night, Student Pass Program and Transport Program,” said Merry Hunter Hipp, Director of External Affairs for SGA. “I am really looking forward to see where this relationship goes between Georgia Tech and the Woodruff Arts Center.”

Last year, students only had the opportunity to enjoy the cultural offerings of the High Musuem, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Alliance Theater in what was known as “Nights at Woodruff Arts Center” for a total of three times in the school year.

Now, students have the choice of acquiring the Student Pass Program for $20 at the Student Center. With this pass, a student has unlimited entry throughout the year to the aforementioned services offered by the Woodruff Arts Center.

“Arts are a huge part of our campus and this is a huge opportunity for students to enjoy the city of Atlanta and the Woodruff Arts Center,” Hipp said.

Additionally, there will be two nights later in the semester of free access to the offerings of the Woodruff Arts Center, which will be open to all students similar to the “Night at Woodruff Arts Center” from previous years.