JFC Policy Changes

The major item of business at the UHR meeting was a vote on proposed changes to the Joint Finance Committee’s updated policy. GSS has already added five amendments to the bill, but UHR was not finished adding amendments. The body discussed the implications of dropping a clause in original JFC policy allowing organizations to budget for food if it served an educational purpose. Some representatives believed the rule left room for abuse of the policy. However, an amendment introduced by Rep. Hunter Hammond that kept this exemption was passed.

Also discussed were the exemptions made for community service, competitive, cultural and multidisciplinary organizations. The original exemption only applied to Tier III organizations. An amendment was passed which would allow for classification of Tier II under these categories to receive the exemptions, as well. UHR also affirmed some of the changes made by GSS, including one requiring joint legislative approval for Tier I organizations to create new funded positions or eliminate vacant positions, and another adding language requiring Tier II organizations to involve SGA in evaluations of paid student positions. The two versions of the bill will be reviewed by a conference committee to resolve all differences between the versions passed by GSS and UHR.