Council Clippings – September 4

Golf Club Facility Funding

The Golf Club submitted a bill requesting $11,420, including $10,920 to pay for the use of a new practice location for the next two semesters. A similar amount was passed last semester by the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) and the Undergraduate House of Representatives (UHR) for the use of the same facility.

The organizational rep for the golf club explained that the distance to their old practice field in Marietta had led to drops in active membership and was the major reason behind the relocation and thus the requested funding.

At the GSS, many senators were skeptical of the steep funding request, leading to an amendment reducing the funding by 50%, reasoning that the club should be responsible for at least half of the practice costs.

In UHR, the bill faced sentiments similar to those in the Senate from some reps, including Alex Bandes, against funding the full amount. The feeling was not unanimous, however.

“The cuts that the GSS proposed would be difficult to apply across the board to all student organizations week after week,” CEE-rep Evan Boyce said in an email. “As a whole, SGA needs to be fiscally responsible.”

UHR, in the end, opted to fund the bill in full. The bill will go to conference committee next week before it is passed.

Making Amend(ment)s

An amendment to SGA Bylaws that would promote separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches was passed. Several members, including Senior representative Hunter Hammond, spoke strongly in favor of the bill stating that it would allow the branches to be more independent and prevent “undue influence” of exec members in UHR. Others felt that the bill would deprive UHR of valuable insight from the executive cabinet.