Student shot in Home Park home invasion incident

Adam Keller, a 22-year old second-year MSE major, has been charged with two counts of criminal trespass and a count of criminal damage to property in the second degree after he attempted forced entry into two Home Park houses, each of which Keller had mistaken as his own.

Atlanta Police (APD) stated that Keller entered the house located at 1035 Curran Street by breaking through one of the front windows at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday, June 26. Keller allegedly used a chair or stool-like object to break through the front window.

The three Tech students living inside the house were asleep, and upon hearing the noise of the breaking glass, one of the students armed himself with a handgun.

The residents did not know Keller, and upon discovering him, they felt threatened. After Keller allegedly charged at one of the three residents, an unidentifid first-year grad student shot Keller in the chest as he allegedly felt threatened.

APD Zone 5 units then responded to a person shot call shortly after the events and discovered Keller alert and breathing. However, Keller was not willing to cooperate with the APD.

“[Keller] was combative and had to be subdued for medical treatment,” said Kim Jones, an APD officer and the spokeswoman.

After being transported to Grady, where he was in stable but critical condition, it was found that Keller had also tried to enter the house located at 1032 Curran Street.

None of the residents of either home were injured in the two forced entry attempts.

As of the time of press, there were no additional charges to either Keller or any of the three residents living at 1035 Curran Street.