Lieuwen named as director of SEI

Tim Lieuwen, an AE professor who specializes in energy systems and low-emissions combustion, has been announced as the new executive director of Tech’s Strategic Energy Institute (SEI). Lieuwen will step into his new role starting on Wednesday, August 1.

As the director of the SEI, Lieuwen will be responsible for overseeing all of Tech’s energy research initiatives. Tech’s energy research initiatives cover a large range of topics such as atmospheric sciences, fuel production, transportation, urban systems and water management. Lieuwen will be looking to address energy challenges from all around the world an integrate new solutions as a part of his new title.

“We want to do fundamental science and be great engineers and great scientists, but we want to address real-world problems that will serve society,” Lieuwen said

Along with leading his own personal research program, Lieuwen has served on the sustainable energy task force whose task is to focus on improving Tech’s energy programs. Lieuwen has also been a part of the committee planning Tech’s new Carbon Neutral Energy Solutions (CNES) Building that will be the SEI headquarters beginning this fall.

Lieuwen developed a passion for the environment after working for five years during college as a civil engineer with the U.S. Forest Service in Alaska and Idaho. His enjoyment of his time there has inspired his work as a professor and combustion engineer. Lieuwen will continue to work part time as a member of the AE faculty.