News Briefs: NADH resumes 24/7 service

North Ave Dining Hall to open 24/7


North Ave Dining Hall will resume its 24-hour service and hot breakfast beginning Feb. 5.

In response to student complaints regarding the reduced service, GT Dining released an email last week announcing the reversal.

Students were encouraged to use the facility at late night and early morning hours, as attendance will determine future service, according to GT Dining.


Asst. Coach Todd Spencer resigns


Todd Spencer, assistant football coach for offensive linemen, resigned last week after reports that he had violated NCAA regulations.

According to the Athletic Association, the Association’s internal monitoring system revealed that Spencer had sent text messages to prospective student athletes, a violation of member-created NCAA rules.


Severe Weather 

Awareness Week


Feb. 6-10 is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Ga.  In light of last year’s particularly dangerous spring storm season, students are encouraged to make preparations for storm-related emergencies.

Preparedness programs are categorized as family preparedness, thunderstorm safety, tornado safety, lightening safety, and flooding preparedness. Each will be given consideration in preparedness programming and planning.