HyTech bill failed


As this organization had already received money last semester from SGA, debate ensued about the actual money required by the organization to cover their event. Calculations from one undergraduate representative showed that SGA might in fact be giving the organization more money than necessary for the event by passing the bill.

However, another representative brought to the body’s attention that Tech would host the event and that the event would feature a few dances by the organization. This would allow Tech to polish its national reputation, according to the representative. On this note, discussion ended and the bill passed in the House.

The Graduate Senate expressed concerns that the event might be unnecessarily expensive due to its venue at the Georgia World Congress Center. The organizational representative rebutted by explaining that the Ferst Center, the original venue, would be too small to accommodate the high attendance expected.



The HyTech Racing team submitted a bill to purchase equipment for their upcoming competition later this spring. A major expense on the bill was the purchase of a $20,000 trailer. The purpose of this trailer would have been to serve as a method of transportation and storage for tools at their competition, but some representatives shied away from passing the bill at this cost.

The bill was ultimately amended per GSS, which struck out the line items for the trailer and a capital expense of buying a chassis, on grounds that they were unnecessary.

The bill was unsuccessful in the Senate due to concerns of expenses and funds transfer between organizations.



This bill was amended from last week’s bill to remove transportation fees after funding was successfully secured from Auxiliary Service’s BuzzFunds.

MGT Rep. Mathias Rost moved to censure Graduate President James Black for allegedly attempting to interfere with conference commitee. The motion failed 1-44-2.



The GT Climbing Club submitted a bill for travelling fees to an upcoming competition. One of these travel expenses was struck out because the destination was within the 150 mile radius of  Tech, making it ineligible for SGA funding.


Mars Society

The Mars Society is taking a crew of six people to conduct a two-week simulation of life on Mars at the Mars Desert Research Station in southern Utah. The bill was amended to a larger total to give the club more travel expenses.

Vice President of Finance Charley Crosson, in his report, mentioned that organizations are allowed to ask for more travel expenses, especially those requiring return travel.