P&T implements new survey tool

The Office of Parking and Transportation (P&T) is set to unveil its newest update for the Stingerette system: a post-ride customer survey email.

“One change we are currently implementing is a customer service evaluation email that will go out to Stingerette users upon completion of their ride,” said Emily Gooding, SGA Parking and Transportation Committee Chair and a third-year PTFE major.

As of now, this recently-proposed idea is still a work in progress. P&T is still working on trying to develop it as a part of the current ride reservation system.

“Our hope is to consider each customer’s opinion,” said Torise Battle, Parking and Transportation Communications Officer.

The impetus for creating this new system comes from the negative feedback that the Stingerette is receiving from customers.

“It’s like a football kicker,” said Eran Mordel, Vice President of Campus Affairs and a third-year IE major. “If they do well, no one says anything. But if they mess up, they get all this negativity. It’s the same way for the Stingerette.”

Mordel continued to say that the more positive criticism from students has little to no venue for reaching the Stingerette system, and this post-ride customer service email will be an inlet for allowing students to voice their opinion.

Some students have expressed their approval of such an innovation’s integration into the Stingerette system.

“I’m thrilled about having this survey after my ride in the Stingerette,” said Luke Buffardi, a first-year CHBE major. “I have many concerns, both good and bad, to say regarding the Stingerette that I feel cannot be received in an appropriate manner at this time.”

Other students, however, dissented from the view.

“I love the Stingerette, it’s a fantastic service,” said Wesley Roberts, a third-year CHBE major. “There really is no point [to the Stingerette doing this], however, because most people aren’t going to take [the survey] seriously and give honest answers.”

Currently, Parking and Transportation is also planning on adding Friday and Saturday nights to the Midnight Rambler’s route to reduce the load on the Stingerette service allow faster pickups for students.

In addition, Parking and Transportation will make changes to the Stingerette system in the spring, using the data collected from these surveys to institute news technologies and interfaces to better service students.